Cleaning Up Twitter Spam

Are you annoyed, frustrated, irritated by the “evilness” of spam in your daily life. Spam isn’t just bad with email, but now it’s infiltrating our friendly neighborhood communication app Twitter.

“Earn an income for the rest of your life”
“To Earn INCOME you just invite people to watch this amazing video”
“Learn the trick discovered by a mom to turn yellow teeth white”

Ugh… Don’t you just hate seeing these stupid messages in your Twitter stream. I love using Twitter don’t get me wrong, and it’s a service that has done very well for it’s self and is growing rapidly. With everything else online, with huge growth in numbers there are bound to be some bad apples in the mix.

Twitter Spam – we see it on a daily basis whether in trending topics, or auto followers. Sure some of us might not see it, but if your audience took a look at your followers and 50 out of the 100 were spammers, you might be seen as a spammer yourself for indirectly endorsing them.

With all this said – Twitter Spam is a daily frustration for some, including us – so we decided to brainstorm and find out how we can help the Twitter-sphere. We decided to target the spammy followers, hopefully targeting them will help remove the spam masses from Twitter or at least reduce their influence. We have created a new app called “TwitSweeper” that automatically cleans up the spammy followers on your various Twitter accounts and continues to do so on an on going basis.

Introducing The Dustpan

During our research and development of TwitSweeper we thought, “This isn’t just a problem for us, millions of users are frustrated with these same problems,” hence The Dustpan blog was created as a place to “sound off” on this irritating topic. This is not your regular old blog – it is not about a product or service – it is a place for anyone to talk about the topic of Twitter Spam. We all share similar frustrations and problems related to this, and we all want to hear other people’s solutions, suggestions or feedback on how to best combat this growing annoyance.

We’ll talk a bit about how TwitSweeper can help with a portion of the problem (spammy followers), which will be our contribution, but there is so much more to talk about… so many more solutions out there, no doubt, and I’m sure we’re not alone in wanting to hear about these ideas (from you!)

Get Involved

If you want to get involved, or share your thoughts on the topic, head over to our Contribution page by navigating to the top of the sidebar and click the Contribute link to get started. It’s a simple form to fill out, or you can register for an account and become a one-time or periodic contributor, there is no commitments, just think of it as advanced commenting.

Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter and our RSS Feed to stay up to date with all things Twitter Spam related. We are striving to help diminish the Twitter Spam problem and hope that everyone will benefit by the sharing of information on how to best deal with Twitter Spam on our various Twitter accounts.

What have your experiences been with Twitter Spam thus far? Tell us all in a comment.

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Author: Doug Braun

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