How to protect your twitter account from spam

Are you the victim or Twitter spam? Do you feel violated? Well, here are some suggestions on how to handle spam that might be hitting your Twitter account and also how to protect against it.


This is simple… make sure you have a good password, and an independent password – use a different password for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, gmail (I know it’s hard). If you use a common password for all of them, just think of the problems if someone discovered that 1 password (they would have access to your entire web life). So make sure you protect yourself with a solid and separate password.

Report to Spam

You used to use the @spam twitter function, but Twitter just recently added a Report to Spam function which makes that all that much easier. When on targeted spammers profile page – there is a report to spam link.



Use TwitSweeper (shameless plug?) – We developed the app for a reason (to automatically get rid of your spammy followers on an ongoing basis).

Say no to Spam Topics

Stay away from spam topics… the more you mention spam related topics – the more attention you will bring to your account – and this is the wrong type of attention. There are applications out there that search for spam and then connect spammers together – it’s an easy way to get their numbers up.


Don’t use Automated Programs

“Receive 10,000 followers in one day, just click here”, Sure that sounds great, but you need to be realistic, it’s not going to happen that easy. Again you can purchase programs that will follow a whole whack of people in hopes that they follow you. Remember Twitter is a communication tool – keep it personable, tweet good content, you might not get as many followers, but you will appreciate the quantity of your followers.

Don’t follow Spammers

  1. Before you choose to follow someone – check their name – does it feel like it was automatically generated – ie. JohnSmith101
  2. Bio – Usually Twitter Spammer’s include some spam messages in their bio ie. Make money online fast.
  3. Tweets – Look at their 10 most recent tweets – is it spam, is there useful content there. – If you see any mention of making money online fast, or get rich quick, lose 20lbs in 10 days just look the other way or better yet – report to spam.
How do you protect yourself from Twitter Spam? Tell us in the comments.

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