Should Confirmation Page be Paginated? (request for user feedback)

Request for User Feedback on Proposed Change to TwitSweeper

BACKGROUND: When TwitSweeper finds spammy or otherwise undesirable followers on a user’s Twitter account, it queues those followers for confirmation. When the user returns to TwitSweeper, they are presented with a list of the undesirable followers and asked to confirm (or retain) them. These undesirable followers are currently displayed in one long list.

SUGGESTION: We received a suggestion for enhancement today from a TwitSweeper user asking if this confirmation page could be paginated into smaller chunks so that these undesirable followers could be confirmed in smaller groups (so the page wasn’t so long if you had hundreds of bad followers to confirm).

YOUR PREFERENCE PLEASE: Could we please have YOUR feedback or preference on this proposed change by answering the following two questions in a Comment below:

(1) Should the confirmation page be paginated?  Yes (paginate it) / No (leave it as-is as one long page)

(2) If Yes (paginated), how many undesirable followers should be displayed on each page to confirm (before moving on to the next page of followers)? e.g. 25, 50, 75, 100, 200, other:____

We look forward to your thoughts on this change. Comment away please… (and thanks for helping!)

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Author: Doug Braun

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