TwitSweeper goes Public

In the past few weeks we have received some great feedback from our private testers. We have implemented new features based on the initial feedback and we are very happy to announce TwitSweeper is now in Public Beta. For some of you that haven’t tried TwitSweeper yet, here are some of its many features that we think you might enjoy!

TwitSweeper is an “always on service.”

TwitSweeper scans your account on a regular basis. You may login to your TwitSweeper Dashboard at any time to review your statistics and the date(s) that your Twitter account was last checked. You can register multiple Twitter accounts under one TwitSweeper Dashboard. You can enable TwitSweeper to send an email when activity has taken place on any of your Twitter accounts.

Automatic or manual block – it’s your choice.

  • Automatically remove spammy followers
  • Remove spammy followers after a 72-hour notification to you
  • Notify you to review suspect followers – Wait for you to confirm

Expand the list of spam phrases.

TwitSweeper is preloaded with thousands of phrases most often used by spammers. You can add your own phrases for maximum control. Any phrases that you add only affect your account(s).

All of this for one low annual fee.

Most services for Twitter are free. TwitSweeper is not one of them. We developed TwitSweeper because we hate being annoyed by spam and spammers. So we built the application on our servers so you don’t have to worry about downloading any apps to your computer. Our servers do the work and provide you with your personal account stats on an ongoing basis. It’s as easy as that. It depends on how you value your time and freedom. Our goal: Set it and forget it – cut down the annoyance factor, save time, make your Twitter experience easier and more enjoyable. It’s a small price to pay, but with real benefits.

You can try a free trial at

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