Twitter Worm [Alert]

Here at The Dustpan, we are striving to help you protect yourself from spammers. With Twitter becoming more and more popular everyday, spammers will try to weasel their way into our daily lives.

Last week Mashable posted an article about a dangerous “Twitter Worm” that promises more followers, this is what they had to say…

“One of the sites involved asks for your Twitter username and password and appears to be associated with the Twitter account @GetFreeFollowers, which has been suspended by Twitter. Another that I came across may be far more damaging, as it appears to be spreading malware through what look to be YouTube videos (but actually work like Koobface). A similar scam also seems to be fairly widespread in Portuguese.”

In the future, there will be many more attacks popping up like this, so be careful to always watch out for schemes like this. Have you received any threats or suspicious spam on Twitter?

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