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UPDATED: Twitter Security Flaw Today – OnMouseOver

A new security flaw has been discovered on Twitter today. It is easy to reproduce, to exploit, to play with. It can cause a user’s account to take actions that the exploiter puts into a specially-crafted tweet, without the user realizing it. For example, causing the Twitter user to be redirected to a different website, […]

Shorter Durations Now Available for TwitSweeper

When TwitSweeper first launched in public beta and started removing people’s spammy followers from their Twitter accounts, it was available for free trial and after the trial, for a low annual fee. However, shorter payment periods are now also available.

Should Confirmation Page be Paginated? (request for user feedback)

Request for User Feedback on Proposed Change to TwitSweeper BACKGROUND: When TwitSweeper finds spammy or otherwise undesirable followers on a user’s Twitter account, it queues those followers for confirmation. When the user returns to TwitSweeper, they are presented with a list of the undesirable followers and asked to confirm (or retain) them. These undesirable followers […]

Real-Time Spam from Google Real-Time Search

Google started including real-time search results from various social media sources (e.g. Twitter feed, Facebook fan pages, etc.) into its normal search results a few days ago. Outspoken Media began playing with the new feature and discovered some alarming results. Fighting Spam, Scams & Malware, the popular URL-shortening service and the default shortener on Twitter, announced that it is enhancing its ability to detect spam, scams, phishing and malware in an effort to disable any such shortened URLs.

Cleaning Up Twitter Spam

Are you annoyed, frustrated, irritated by the “evilness” of spam in your daily life. Spam isn’t just bad with email, but now it’s infiltrating our friendly neighborhood communication app Twitter.