The Dustpan is focused on the subject of Twitter spam and Twitter spammers. It’s open to everyone that has an opinion or view on Twitter spam, good or bad. To many of us, it’s an intrusion in our daily lives that is irritating and a time waster, and who wants to be associated with all of those spammy followers that show up on your Twitter account all the time. For others, it’s good business practice in an effort to target segmented audiences. So there you have it. What is Twitter spam to you and how does it impact your life? Tell us all in this blog. Post your thoughts on the topic.

To be completely honest, Dustpan is a blog started by TwitSweeper.

What is TwitSweeper? It’s an online service application that regularly scans Twitter accounts looking for Twitter spam and Twitter spammers and will alert you, or, if you choose, automatically block the Twitter spammer. If you want to test TwitSweeper go to TwitSweeper.com and sign up for a trial scan or for a full account. We would love to hear your feedback, your questions and your suggestions. This blog is about Twitter spam in general and solutions to deal with it. Sure, we’ll talk a bit about how TwitSweeper can help with spammy followers, but there are other solutions and approaches as well. Let’s talk about them all.

However, one person’s Twitter spam might be another person’s marketing brilliance. So, we created this forum so that everyone could weigh in with their comments, thoughts and recommendations. Hopefully we can generate some good dialogue and analyze this issue from 360 degrees.