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TwitSweeper blocks Malware and Spam with new tool

TwitSweeper — the leading software for detecting spam and malware in Twitter accounts — now detects malware, spam and phishing sites associated with certain shortened URLs. This is a growing problem as Twitter clients use Bit.ly, TinyURL and many other custom white-label shorteners like amzn.to, binged.it, cs.pn, huff.to, natpo.st, ning.it, nyti.ms, on.cnn.com, onion.com, oreil.ly, pep.si, rww.to, […]

Is Twitter Winning the War on Spam? Our Stats Do Not Support this Assertion

Frederic Lardinois’ article on March 23, 2010 refers to Twitter’s assertion that spam is not an issue. According to the latest data from Twitter, the percentage of spammy tweets per day is now down under 1%. Here’s the issue. Our stats don’t support this assertion.

Twitter Spam: Can You Block What You Can’t Define?

We take twitter spam seriously around here. We often use words like spam, spammers and undesirables. And it always leads to the same question: “what is spam?”

Lots of Spam potential on Twitter (unless we stop it)

Twitter is still in its infancy. The question is; could spam come to dominate Twitter to the same degree that spam overwhelms email traffic? I sure hope not.

TwitSweeper goes Public

In the past few weeks we have received some great feedback from our private testers. We have implemented new features based on the initial feedback and we are very happy to announce TwitSweeper is now in Public Beta.